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The Open Shoes Project

A wellness, modular and open source footwear
The shoes of the future will be comfortable, healthy and free

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We believe that the shoes have a misconception: they were created as a fashion accessory and, indeed, should be first and foremost a health supplement. That does not mean that we forget the design. But you have to design something that is subject to its usefulness. An improper footwear can cause many health problems. So our project is to create the new shoes, the shoes of the XXI century. And you can collaborate on it.


A social project

The Open Shoes is born about the idea of democratizing the wellness footwear, making it possible to reach all people in need of it.
Javier Bustamante
Javier Bustamante, one of the pioneers of the wellness footwear in Spain. Oblivious to the world of footwear so far, in 2005 he discovered some shoes that improved mainly their backaches. And he rushed to sell, creating "and&o", one of the first companies in Spain to sell what has been called wellness footwear. Since then he has not stopped looking for new products and incorporate them into your trade and your online store. At the same time it has acquired an experience that has served to launch this idea.
Beñat Bustamante
IT Manager
Beñat Bustamante, a computer programmer and convinced user for more than 10 years ago of the wellness footwear. It has been involved in the project, in the areas of web design, logos, social networks... and in shoe design itself. And, as a strong supporter of open source, it is the driver of that philosophy in The Open Shoes.
Paula Bustamante
Paula Bustamante, a sports physiotherapist, graduated from the College Gimbernat - Cantabria. She is also a Pilates instructor, has trained in podal reflexology and is combining his work in Zona Bilbao Health with Osteopathic studies. His experience in these fields is being essential when designing the ergonomic midsoles.
Iván Blasco
3D Design
Ivan Blasco, president of Bilbao Makers, is responsible for the 3D design of midsoles in which The Open Shoes project is based.

The Open Shoes, better 3D tech startup at Sonar

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